Are you considering investing in new equipment?


There are two ways to choose new equipment

1. Impulse

Appearance complements what you already have in your bag
just having something new to try

Here, my options for advising you on the purchase are very small, unless you have had your specifications measured with me already.

2. Well-considered and analytical

Here you will be sure that you get value for money and, not least, something that suits YOU.

If you choose this approach, you will know what your specifications are. And I can help you find them.


Have you checked your equipment that it has the values ​​that the manufacturer expects it to have.

If not I think you should let me check your set before you decide. It may spare you money.

Learn more about how we can tailor your equipment to your needs

If you are considering getting your equipment fitted and thereby optimizing stability, length and precision, you can read more about how we help you achieve your goals here. 



If you have decided that you want to explore the market for new golf equipment, you are well equipped when you know your basic specifications.

By taking some static measurements, I quickly get an overview of what basic specifications your golf set should have.

They are:

  • The theoretical total length of 5-iron and Driver
  • Grip size
  • Swing speed so you know the flex your shaft needs

Time consumption approx. 30 minutes

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