Matrix - iron

Matrix over shafts and heads for testing iron

The range of heads and shafts is significantly larger when it comes to iron heads and their shafts.

The focus here is on finding the lightest and most flexible shaft that you as a player can control.

By choosing the lightest shaft, there is potential to increase your swing speed and thus increase your stroke length. The rule of thumb says that for each MpH it is possible to extend the stroke by approx. 2 m.

And if you also choose the most flexible shaft, there is also something to pick up here. However, it can go beyond scattering and thus precision.

The purpose is to reduce the overall static weight of the iron, thereby bringing the mass down into the head, thereby generating more weight behind the ball.


Gener8 60g I60 .370 A-flex

Gener8 60g I60 .370 R-flex

Steelfiber Black I110 .370 S-flex

Steelfiber Black I70 .370 R-flex

Steelfiber Black I70 .370 S-flex

Steelfiber Black I80 .370 R-flex

Steelfiber Black I80 .370 S-flex

Steelfiber Black I95 .370 R-flex

Steelfiber Black I95 .370 S-flex

Steel fiber FC70 .370 F3

Steel fiber FC70 .370 F4

Steel fiber FC80 .370 F3

Steel fiber FC80 .370 F4

Steel fiber FC90 .370 F3

Steel fiber FC90 .370 F4

Steel Fiber FC90CW .355 F3

Steel Fiber FC90CW .355 F4

Steel fiber I110 .370 R-flex

Steel fiber I110CW .355 S-flex

Steel fiber I125 .370 S-flex

Steel fiber I60 .370 A-flex

Steel fiber I60 .370 R-flex

Steel fiber I70 .370 R-flex

Steel fiber I70 .370 S-flex

Steel fiber I70CW .355 A-flex

Steel fiber I80 .370 R-flex

Steel fiber I80 .370 S-flex

Steel fiber I95 .370 R-flex

Steel fiber I95 .370 S-flex

Steelfiber I60 Black Private Reserve R-flex

Steelfiber I95 Black Private Reserve S-flex


TGI Graphite HY / IR shaft 70-R.370

TGI Graphite HY / IR shaft 80-S .370

TGI Graphite HY / IR shaft 60-A .3790

TOUR 105 .370 R-flex

TOUR 105 .370 S-flex

TOUR 90 .370 R-flex

TOUR 90 .370 S-flex


Catalyst 50 5.0 BLACK .370

Catalyst 50 5.0 Chrome .370


Dynamic Gold 120 S300 .370

Dynamic Gold S200 .370

Elevate Steel .370 R-flex

Elevate Steel .370 S-flex

XP95 Steel .370 S-flex

Dynamic Gold 105 X-flex

P85 .370 R300

XP85 .370 S300

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