Golf Equipment Repair - Golf Equipment may BREAK.

When your golf equipment breaks down, it can be due to many things. But the most important thing is that, as a general rule, it can be repaired and become like new again - or maybe even better.

For more than 25 years I have built, improved and repaired various golf equipment, including as a warranty workshop for Wilson og TaylorMade, where I have been trained at the factories in England.




I therefore have both the necessary experience and craft background to be able to help you if the accident is out and you e.g. breaks a shaft.

It is important that you save all parts or that you bring another iron from the set. Then it is easier to find the same shaft, or one that matches.

I can only give an approximate price for a repair. Therefore, I give you a maximum price that you can decide on.


Repairs are not just about changing a shaft.

It can also be:

  • Extending / shorten shaft on club, iron or putter
  • Installation of new grips
  • Control and adjustment of loft and lie

My hourly rate is DKK 600 + VAT.

Could it be an idea for you that I check your entire set at the same time? Then you are sure that you know your specifications. 

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If you have equipment that is broken, click here

To give you a more realistic time frame for when you can get your equipment returned, we ask you to call, text or email about your equipment. Then we will contact you and arrange a time when we can handle the task for you. 

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